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Whether you’re looking to add to your services or focus solely on whitening, Jamie’s experience and knowledge will create a foundation of success that you can grow and turn into your own.

teeth whitening & tooth gem training with jamie

Course Cost

Join our Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gem Technician Jamie for a two day in-person training. You’ll learn how to master both applications, build a business, market yourself, and dive deep into the world of cosmetic whitening and tooth gems, two quickly growing but largely untapped markets. Trainees will receive hands-on practice with live demo models, materials for your first 30 clients, and certification. You’ll have the option of a one day course for either whitening or gems, or a two day training for both whitening & gems (with a discount!)

Day 1

Teeth Whitening

We will spend the morning talking about teeth, enamel, how to use your equipment and get amazing results every time. We will then practice on models, Jamie will demo a live whitening appointment, and you’ll learn effective application techniques and go over how to structure your appointments. We’ll end with marketing and social media, taking photos, and pricing yourself.

Day 2

Tooth Gems

We’ll spend the day practicing application on both plastic teeth models and human models. So much goes into being a successful gem tech, so you’ll learn the business side and the practical application. You’ll receive supplies including adhesive and gems for your first 30 clients ($2k in profit) and learn how to apply quality gems that are strong and last.


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Jamie is our teeth whitening and gem technician here at Daela Cosmetic Tattoo. They specialize in enhancing smiles and whitening teeth with minimal sensitivity. They’re focused on giving smiles confidence and personality, and has been wearing tooth gems themselves for over ten years. If you want your smile to bling, come see Jamie and let them work their magic!

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