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Areola Restoration & 3D Nipple Tattoo

Get the most detailed training with our online Areola Restoration and 3D Nipple Tattooing course, from the latest techniques, to how to market your business.

The Best Areola Restoration Online Training

Learn about the latest techniques from internationally trained, Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Lina. When you enroll, gain access to Daela Cosmetic Tattoo’s training videos for 12 months so you can learn at your own pace and come back to your training while you learn.

This training is a continued education course and is best for those with machine skills and previous tattoo experience.

The online course will cover everything you need to complete an appointment start to finish, anatomy, tools, color theory, aftercare and how to market through social media and live video demos of each step in detail. 

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this course includes

You’ll have access to countless educational videos and downloadable PDFs, from step by step process, to guidance on marketing your business. Set yourself up for success with our Areola Restoration and 3D Nipple Tattoo Online Training!

Module 1: Welcome and Lina’s story

Module 2: Breast anatomy, cancer knowledge, surgical terms and skin

Module 3: Materials needed including; machines, needles / tools and sanitization standards.

Module 4: Color theory, how to choose / mix color and examples photos

Module 5: How to draw on paper, practice on fake skins with your machine, live drawing and fake skin demo.

Module 6: Step by step consultation and appointment guide with live demos

Module 7: Total double mastectomy appointment live demo (including numbing, drawing education and wrapping of the client)

Module 8: Healing and aftercare

Module 9: How to take proper photos and edit them,
social media advice and marketing,
how to get started with insurance billing.

Module 10: Thank you!

Module 1: Welcome and Linas Story

Module 2: Breast Anatomy, Cancer Knowledge, Surgical Terms and Skin

Module 3: Materials Needed Including; Machines, Needles / Tools and Sanitization Standards.

Module 4: Color Theory, How to Choose / Mix Color and Examples Photos

Module 5: How to Draw on Paper, Practice on Fake Skins with Your Machine, Live Drawing and Fake Skin Demo.

Module 6: Step by Step Consultation and Appointment Guide with Live Demos

Module 7: Total Double Mastectomy Appointment Live Demo (including numbing, drawing education and wrapping of the client)

Module 8: Healing and Aftercare

Module 9: How to Take Proper Photos and Edit Them, Social Media Advice and Marketing, How to Get Started with Insurance Billing.

Module 10: Thank you!

Daela Cosmetic Tattoo in the Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

This online course is very robust and in depth and may take several days to complete if working a few hours at a time. It is meant to help you learn the technique needed to start practicing. Practice should be taken seriously and done extensively after the course is completed before any models are taken.

Online training can be accessed for one year starting on the date of purchase. You may access training as many times as you’d like but please keep in mind we will manage IP addresses. Please DO NOT SHARE your training or you will be removed immediately.

You will need to take the time to practice until you feel your work has been perfected. Drawing practice and machine work on fake skins. We highly recommend also purchasing a soft fake breast to practice on to prepare yourself for a model. We recommend a few models be taken and touchups completed before booking clients.

This training is meant for beginners up to master technicians. It will come easier to those who have a tattoo background as this is a very complex and detailed art. Machine experience is recommended. You must have a tattoo license in your state and complete all state regulations to tattoo. This training is not considered licensing. This is a certification training only meant for continued education.

Please email Lina any questions at

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