Microblading Artist
Ombre Brows


Bowler Esthetics Feather Brow certified
Zen Derma ombré brow certified 
Brow Daddy certified 
Daela Cosmetic Tattoo certified 
BrowBrat certified
Fibroblast Skin rejuvenation certified
5 Star Foxy Liner certified 
Freckle & Beauty Mark enhancement certified
Masculine Eyebrows certified 
Tatt2Away certified 
PMU by Lili – Nano Brows certified
Dark Lip Correction certified 
Elleebana certified


Ashley is a licensed Esthetician and Tattoo artist that has a passion for all things brows. She completed both Esthetic and Tattoo School in the summer of 2018 and has been working her brow magic ever since. 

She recently moved from Bend, OR and is beyond thrilled to join the team at Daela Cosmetic Tattoo. Ashley takes pride in her ability to give every brow the perfect shape while keeping a very natural look, and is extremely attentive to detail.

 When she’s not in the studio, Ashley enjoys spending time with her three daughters, chasing adrenaline, nerding out on history or true crime, and eating all the Thai food.