Boutique Franchise Opportunity

Be a part of something big.

Hello! Thank you for visiting our Daela Cosmetic Tattoo franchising website! We are pleased to present a very special and boutique franchising opportunity to a few select individuals who want to be part of the very best that the cosmetic tattoo industry offers. 

The cosmetic tattoo industry is an industry on the move! Social media posts reveal celebrities and the modeling industry “modifying with tattoo.” But this “permanent makeup” is no longer just the domain of the rich and famous. Anyone wishing to enhance their looks can benefit from treatment – as long as it’s done by the right artists! 

That’s where we come in. And where the opportunity may be for you as well. 

Have you visited our webpage? Or visited our social media platforms and followed us? You’ll see hundreds of reviews from clients who entrust their looks and care to us. We not only strive for perfection; we’re absolutely addicted to it!

We’re seeking people who may feel similarly. 

Maybe you have experience in the cosmetic tattoo industry and have been wondering what it would be like to go out on your own. Maybe you’re a savvy investor who recognizes a good opportunity.

We understand the importance of being a healthy community member. To prospective franchisees: we have built this boutique business so your artists can work just 4 days a week (32 hours) and have the opportunity to make a good living while enjoying free medical insurance. We understand that “The team creates the dream” and we are grateful to every single team member.

To help you get a little better acquainted with us and our unique offering, we have prepared this franchising website. Please read through the content carefully; and then, if the idea of owning a Daela Cosmetic Tattoo franchise intrigues you, let’s talk further!  

We appreciate your interest in the Daela Cosmetic Tattoo franchise and look forward to hearing from you soon.  Should you have any questions regarding this franchise opportunity, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Erica, Lina, Kim and Joe 

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Portland’s leading cosmetic tattoo studio, Daela Cosmetic Tattoo (formerly Studio Meraki), is pleased to announce two new changes to the studio’s business: the opportunity for boutique franchising with national expansion plans, and a rebranded name.