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Enhance your look to achieve natural looking definition with lash line enhancement, enjoy classic eyeliner tattoo, go glam with a winged liner or add a shadow liner to your everyday look. Whichever liner suits you, we are here to customize and match your eye shape for optimal results. 

Liner not only helps to open up the eye and add definition, it can create a youthful appearance and enhance lashes. Make your eyes pop and wake up ready to go!


Types of liner

Lash line enhancement is an ultra realistic and subtle tattoo placed only in the lash line for a darker edge to lashes. It does not sit on the eyelid making it the most realistic and soft form of liner tattoos.

Classic eyeliner is the next step up after lash line enhancement by adding color topically to the filled eyelid. It can be thin or thick in size based on preference. 

Winged liner can emphasize eye shape and help you to achieve that made up look daily without any hassle. This liner extends past the lash line with a tiny flick outward to create a “wing”. This look can be extremely attractive, especially for those hoping to enhance eye shape and size. 

This Eyeliner and Shadow combo can replace the need to apply eyeliner and shadow on a daily basis. This dusty shadow look is meant to replicate your daily makeup without use of any products! By applying a liner and then dusting it into the lid, you are given that everyday soft shadow look you always want to achieve, make it a cat eye look by adding a wing or keep it simple with a more lightly applied shadow. This technique is entirely buildable and includes a touchup so that you can add more if desired. 

This appointment gives you the opportunity to add additional services to your classic or lash line such as thickening your liner, wing or dusty shadow. You must be an existing client of Angela within the first year of original tattoo. Please call to book, cannot be booked online. 971-337-5401


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Frequently Asked Questions

Eyeliner tattoo is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that lasts 2-3 years before it starts to fade. To keep your tattoo looking fresh, annual touch-ups are recommended. We specialize in lash enhancements focusing on the area between the lashes giving the appearance of thicker, fuller eyelashes. Downtime is minimal to none, and healing takes about a week.

Eyeliner tattoo gives the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. You are able to wake up and look like you already have makeup on. This is perfect for those who love an easy morning routine.

On a scale of 1-10, most people say it’s between 2 and 3. It feels more like a tickle, and you are numbed throughout the procedure to keep you comfortable.

We feel that bottom liner is a high risk service due to the eye being open. We do not ever wish to create a dark area in the bottom of the eye due to the way it ages. 

Please take the time to review our different liner services and think deeply about what style would best suit you and fit your desired look prior to your appointment. Visual aids are very helpful. You can see a list of Angela’s work in the eyeliner gallery and her Instagram @angelavicetattoo. 

You can wear lenses to your appointment but please bring something to contain them as they will need to be removed. We do have disposable containers if needed. We recommend glasses for day 1 but there is no risk for putting the lenses back in other than mild irritation. 

Generally speaking, it starts to fade after 2-3 years. We recommend coming in for annual touch-ups to keep it fresh.

Classic Lash Liner is $685. Winged Liner and Dusty Shadow Liner is $785. If you would like an annual touch up, the price ranges from $485-685.

Most people don’t experience swelling after the appointment. If there is swelling, expect minimal swelling the first day and more the following. 

We cannot tattoo you while you are wearing lash extensions. Please remove lashes one week prior to appointment. You may get lashes put back on two weeks AFTER your touchup appointment. 

Please email photos of the exiting liner to info@daelaportland.com around year 2-3 to see if you qualitfy for an annual appointment. We only go over existing work as an annual that was originally booked with the studio.