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Enhance your natural lip color & shape by creating the illusion of volume and fullness with velvet lip blush. This process adds a youthful appearance to the lips with minimal pain, easy healing and no down time. Whether you just want a slight reshape, more volume or natural color, our artists will make your velvet lip dreams come true.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lip blush tattoos usually last 2-3 years. We recommend annual touch ups. With proper care and sunscreen lips will retain color better.

Lip blush tattoo costs $885, including a touch up. Additional touchups are $200 if completed within 16 weeks of appointment. Annual appointments are available between 12-18 months for $585-685.

Lip blushing can range from a 2-3 on a pain scale out of 10. We offer numbing throughout the procedure for comfort.

Cold sores are no problem, you will just need to contact your physician and get a prescription of valtrex (antiviral) to be taken 2 days prior and 2 days after your lip appointment. If for some reason you still did get a cold sore, with proper care, your lip color retention will not be affected. Please use a topical and continue using the prescription. You will need to repeat the prescription at touch up and move it out 2 weeks for proper healing time.

Yes, you can apply any lip color to the lips after they are healed. We love a good gloss and go look!

You will experience 1-2 days of a bold and bright lip, followed by 2 days of chapped lips. Outward healing is done after this stage, but lips continue to change and adjust in color for the next month. At one month, all color is balanced and the lips are fully healed. Total healing lasts up to 4 weeks with a touch up at 6 weeks.

We can match your favorite lipstick color, or create a custom mix based on skin tone. You can choose any range of color from bold tones to light tones. We do not tattoo skin tone or nude lip color.

Yes! Lina is a master in her craft and can scar camoflauge and help correct symmetry. This may require one additional touch up for desired results $200.

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