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Areola Restoration

Areola restoration is a soft, hyper-realistic and non-invasive work of art.

Daela Areola Restoration

About Areola Restoration

Areola restoration is a 3D tattoo procedure to replicate the areola and nipple. This technique, sometimes referred to as paramedical tattoo, is for anyone who may have had mastectomy, total loss, irregularity or inconsistency in their areola and nipples after any type of breast reconstructive surgery or augmentation. We are also proud to assist the Trans Community for top surgery reconstructions and feminization surgery. 

Areola restoration is a soft and hyper realistic, non-invasive permanent work of art that will restore natural beauty.

Please click here to review areola restoration pre and post care instructions.

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Areola Restoration Menu

Areola Restoration          | $985

One touch-up included within 12 weeks of first appointment.

Single Side Restoration | $785

One touch-up included within 12 weeks of first appointment.

Heart Areolas                   | $985

One touch-up included within 12 weeks of first appointment.

Color Correction              | $985

One touch-up included within 12 weeks of first appointment.

Scar Camouflage            | $985

One touch-up is included within 12 weeks of first appointment.

About Insurance

We bill for Kaiser Insurance. We also accept Care Credit.  Please call us 971-337-5401 to discuss steps for billing insurance.

If you wish to attempt to claim with any company other than Kaiser, you must pay in full for the appointment and ask your insurance for reimbursement.

Non-Refundable Deposit

We require a $250 non-refundable deposit for all appointments. If we are processing a Kaiser claim, your deposit will be refunded at time of service. You may reschedule no less than 48 hours prior to your appointment. Late cancellations and no-show will result in loss of deposit.


Our Artists' Work


There is sometimes no feeling after a mastectomy. Reconstructions will sometimes have feeling between 2-3 out of 10. We are happy to offer topical numbing cream throughout the appointment to ease any pain.

Yes, we are happy to match the color of the existing areola to blend any scarring. We can also re-pigment the area if it is too light or misshapen to create an entirely new areola.

We can darken an areola, reshape or make it larger. We can't lighten it or make it smaller.

Anyone! Areola tattoos and areola restoration is a great way for anyone (men/women/non-binary) who has had a mastectomy with or without reconstruction, top surgery or an irregularity in their areola or nipple, or for anyone who wants to adjust their bodies for their liking.

Yes, this is called scar camouflage. We use the existing color in the areola to re-pigment the scar to blend it so it’s less visible. You can only tattoo scarring that has darker color around it. We fill in the scar to match the surrounding skin.

Ready for a fresh look?

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