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Lip Blush Tattoo

Lip blush tattoo adds color and definition to lips, adding a sheer tint to enhance your natural lip.

Daela Velvet Lip Blush

About Lip Blush Tattoo

Enhance your natural lip color & shape by creating the illusion of fullness, by adding color with Velvet Lip Blush tattoo. This process adds a youthful appearance to the lips with minimal pain, easy healing and no down time. Whether you just want a slight reshape, more volume, natural sheer color or a lipstick look, our artists will make your lip dreams come true. 

Customize color and density of saturation: Our artists can tattoo the sheerest tint or build up color to a lipstick tone. Lip blush is amazing for mature lips, we offer dark skin lip neutralization and we can work on sun damaged lips and lips with scarring.

Read more about what to expect at your lip blush appointment or about before & after care.

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Velvet Lip Blush Menu

Artists: Lina, Vivian & Kourtenie

Lina: Lip Blush & Touch-Up | $985

Your touch up will be scheduled during your first appointment for 6-12 weeks after initial appointment.


Vivian & Kourtenie: Lip Blush & Touch-Up | $785

Your touch up will be scheduled during your first appointment for 6-12 weeks after initial appointment.

We require a $250 non-refundable deposit to book any cosmetic tattoo service. You may reschedule your appointment with no less than 48 hours’ notice. No-shows result in forfeiture of deposit.

Lip Blush can last 2-3 years, even longer for some. There are though, many reasons you may want to refresh your lip blush. Factors include lifestyle, skin type and the desire to change your color or the sheerness level. Some people just love the extra crisp fresh look of a refresh. We have a Refresh Program with reduced pricing to support those who want regular refreshes. Check out the Financing Tab to learn about our in-house, interest free, no fee payment plan!


Refresh Program Pricing & Guidelines

Additional Touch-Up

You may have one additional touch-up within 4 months of your included touch-up for $200.

6-Month Refresh: 

50% off DAELA’s 2023 retail artist pricing. You can continue this refresh appointment every 6-months and maintain this price as long as you don’t exceed 6 months between any appointment.

  • Lina 6-Month: $490
  • Kourtenie & Vivian 6-Month: $390
7-24 Month Refresh:

20% off DAELA’s 2023 retail artist pricing. You can continue refreshing at this price as long as you don’t go longer than 24 months between appointments.

  • Lina 7-24 Month: $790
  • Kourtenie & Vivian 7-24 Month: $630

Our Artists' Work


Lip blush tattoos usually last 2-3 years. However, you can refresh your lips more often if you'd like. Lifestyle factors like sun exposure, exfoliating and smoking can shorten the longevity of the lip blush. Skin type can also shorten the longevity. Your artists will discuss all factors with you, including the importance of following aftercare instructions. Many people like to refresh every 6-months to enhance, change the color or sheerness level. We offer lower pricing if you visit us more often.

Appointment times will vary based on the artists and how long your initial consultation and shape defining take.  Please allow 2-3 hours for your appointment.

Pain varies from person to person. Lip blushing can range from a 2-3 out of 10 on the pain scale. WE numb multiple before and during the procedure to keep your pain at the bare minimum.

As long as you don't currently have one, the fact that you get them is not a problem. It is highly recommended that you contact your physician and get an antiviral medication for cold sores to be taken 2 days prior and 2 days after your lip appointment. If for some reason you still get a cold sore, with proper care, your lip color retention will not be affected. Please use a topical and continue using the medication. You will need to repeat the medication at touch up and move it out 2 weeks for proper healing time.

Yes, you can apply any lip color to the lips after they are healed. We love a good gloss and go look!

There is no physical downtime. You will experience 1-2 days of a bold and bright lip, followed by 2 days of chapped lips. Outward healing is done after this stage, but lips continue to change and adjust in color for the next month. At one month, all color is balanced and the lips are fully healed. Total healing lasts up to 4 weeks with a touch up at 6 weeks.  You can view the complete before and after care instructions on this website!

We can match your favorite lipstick color, or create a custom mix based on skin tone. You can choose any range of color from bold tones to light tones. We do not tattoo skin tone or nude lip color.

Yes! We can do many corrections. We also offer scar camo for scars that are outside the lip itself. This may require one additional touch up for desired results $200.

While lip blushing can last for years, but lifestyle and skin type can impact how long the effects last.  Things like smoking, sun exposure, excessively oily skin, exfoliation and iron-deficiencies can speed up the loss of color. Also, those with dark lips or deep purple undertones may need refreshers more often, to keep the color strong. In these situations, having your lip blush done every 6-12 months will keep your lips constantly beautiful.

Preparing for lip blush is quite simple, hydrate and exfoliate a few days prior. 24 hours prior stay away from alcohol, caffeine and other blood thinners. This is important as they can cause excessive bleeding which can stop the pigments from setting.  You should be free of antibiotics for 4 weeks and not pregnant or breastfeeding. Fillers or injectables should both be healed at least 4 weeks prior. If you are prone to cold sores, please talk to your doctor for a prescription cold sore medication before and after appointment. 

Like any service on the market, there are pros and cons. Lip blush however, doesn’t come with many cons and while the pro list goes on and on, the only cons we can come up with are that you’ll need to maintain your lips blush to keep your look, but, even if you don’t come back again for more blushing, the color will last years and will fade away naturally, leaving no permanent color change.  Some ask, “What if I don’t care for the color?” The good news is that it can be changed so easily! It is hard to come up with cons of lip blush except those related to seeing an unskilled, unqualified artist.

  1. Adds color and fullness.
  2. You will look fresh and healthy.
  3. Creates a youthful appearance.
  4. Adds shape and symmetry.
  5. Rebuilds collagen and elastin.


If you’re in the market for both lip fillers and lip blushing, the first step is to decide whether to get a lip blush before or after fillers. Luckily, there’s a simple answer: always get a lip blushing procedure done first. Here’s why.

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