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Tiny Tattoos

Like a box of Lucky Charms, tiny tattoos are small, fun and fabulous.

Daela Tiny Tatts

About Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos are simply that, small.  Maybe you’ve always wanted a tiny tattoo but feel intimidated going to a tattoo shop or you and a friend want to get tattoos together? Come choose from our book of dainty flash sheets. They are also posted here, below. So, come on in and get that cute little tattoo you’ve always wanted in a fun & clean atmosphere.

Please click here to review tiny tattoo pre and post care instructions.

Tiny Tattoos Pricing

1″ x 1″

One Tiny Tattoo | $135

Two Tiny Tattoos | $185

Three Tiny Tattoos |  $285

Four Tiny Tattoos | $335

Five Tiny Tattoos | $385

2″ x 2″

One Tiny Tattoo | $185

Two Tiny Tattoos | $285

Three Tiny Tattoos |  $385

Four Tiny Tattoos | $435

Five Tiny Tattoos | $485

Micro 2-3mm

One Micro Tattoo | $85

Two Micro Tattoos | $135

Three Micro Tattoos |  $185

Four Micro Tattoos | $235

Five Micro Tattoos | $285


Pricing applies to one person receiving 1 to 5 tattoos.

*We require $50-$150 non-refundable deposits on all tiny tattoo bookings. Rescheduling allowed no less than 48 hours before appointment. Late cancellations or no-show will result in total loss of deposit.


Our Artists' Work


Tiny tattoos are petite outlines, symbols and shapes using a nano needle (tiny) and black ink only. They are a permanent tattoo just like the traditional tattoos you see only, tiny.

You can come with a friend and book successional appointments, but only one person can be in the room during the tattoo process. We will clean and sanitize the room and equipment before the next person comes in for their tattoo.

We believe that everyone deserves something pretty. If you have a skin condition, soft and thin skin, wrinkles or age spots or moles where you wish to get tattooed, please email us photos first to to ensure you’re a good candidate.   

We have chosen a gallery of tiny tattoos that we think represent the essence and spirit of tiny tattoos. If you have a custom design you'd like, we recommend finding a conventional tattoo shop! 

Yes, we have a few alphabets and numbers to choose from on our flash sheets.  

No, we do not numb tiny tattoos. They’re so quick and very topical/small so there is minimal pain involved! 

Yes, we use black tattoo ink and tattoo machine/ needle to implant color into the dermis. Like any tattoo, fading can happen over time and is based on location on the body and skin type/sun exposure.  

If you think your tiny tattoo has faded, we do offer a touchup within the first 6 months for $85. In the rare occasion the tattoo doesn’t stay or heal nicely, please submit a photo to for advice and booking help. 

We will have to wait until you are no longer pregnant, or nursing in order to schedule you for a tiny tattoo.

Ready for a fresh look?

Give us a call at (971) 337-5401 and we will get you booked. You can also submit a form or navigate your way through our wonky online booking system. If you call and get our answering machine, we will call you back within 24 hours! 

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