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Meet the Artist


Daela Cosmetic Tattoo Franchise Co-Owner | Scottsdale, AZ

Chloe has been a cherished artist at Daela Cosmetic Tattoo in Portland, Oregon for over 4 years.

In November of 2022 Chloe and her sister Haley will be re-locating to Scottsdale, AZ to open their own studio, remaining in the Daela family!

If you are a client of Chloe’s and are in need of an update to your brows, please reach out to us.  If you want to fly into Scottsdale, we will connect you and she will be happy to take care of you. If flying isn’t an option, then we will find an artist in our Portland or Vancouver Studio that will care for you and your brows!


Master Microblading Artist


Oregon Licensed Tattoo Artist
Brow Daddy Certified
Tina Davies I<3 Ink Certified
Daela Cosmetic Tattoo Certified
Scalp Micropigmentation Certified
Bachelor’s Degree in Business

Chloe's Work

Interested in getting faux freckles? Book with Chloe today!