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Tiny tattoos are exactly what they sound like. They’re small tattoos that can be placed just about anywhere on the body. They are also popularly known as miniature or micro tattoos. 

Tiny tattoos are a fun way to express yourself and can be done with friends. We offer many designs on our flash sheet and hope that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. We do not do custom designs at this time. 

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Tiny Tattoo Flash Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Tiny tattoos are petite outlines, symbols and shapes using a nano needle (tiny) and black ink only. They are a permanent tattoo just like the traditional tattoos you see only, tiny.

Yes, please book the proper option for how many tattoos each you’d like, each client will need their own appointment and selection of how many tattoos and size desired. If booked together, you each get $50 off.  

We believe that everyone deserves something pretty. If you have a skin condition, soft and thin skin, wrinkles or age spots or moles where you wish to get tattooed, please email us photos first to info@daelaportland.com to ensure you’re a good candidate.   

We recommend finding a conventional tattoo artist for custom artwork and designs. 

Yes, we have a few alphabets and numbers to choose from on our flash sheets.  

No, we do not numb tiny tattoos. They’re so quick and very topical/small so there is minimal pain involved! 

Yes, we use black tattoo ink and tattoo machine/ needle to implant color into the dermis. Like any tattoo, fading can happen over time and is based on location on the body and skin type/sun exposure.  

If you think your tiny tattoo has faded, we do offer a touchup within the first 6 months for $85. In the rare occasion the tattoo doesn’t stay or heal nicely, please submit a photo to info@daelaportland.com for advice and booking help. 

Yes, in the state of Oregon, 18 is the legal age for tattoos.

We will have to wait until you are no longer pregnant, or nursing in order to schedule you for a tiny tattoo.Toggle Content

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