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Teeth Whitening & Gems Training

Whether you’re looking to learn laser teeth whitening, gems or both, Jamie’s experience and knowledge will create a foundation of success that you can grow and turn into your own. Course includes a detailed training manual by Jaime.

Meet Jamie

Teeth Whitening & Gem Technician

Learn from the best, our own Portland Tooth Fairy! Jamie, one of the most sought-after technicians for teeth whitening & gems brings their expertise, knowledge and kindness to their training program. 

Not only is Jamie an expert teeth whitener and gem technician, but previous experience in social media marketing gives Jamie the ability to also bring the knowledge of ‘marketing yourself’ to the training curriculum.

Laser Teeth Whitening & Gem Training

Courses can be booked individually or together.  Laser Teeth Whitening $2985 | Gems $1785 | Combined $3485 ($1285 Savings as a combined course)

Group 111

Day 1 & Day 2: Laser Teeth Whitening

Spend the morning talking about teeth, enamel, how to use your equipment and get amazing results every time. You will then practice on models, Jamie will demo a live whitening appointment, and you’ll learn effective application techniques and go over how to structure your appointments. We’ll end with marketing and social media, taking photos, and promoting yourself.

Group 132

Day 3: Tooth Gems

We’ll spend the day practicing application on both plastic teeth models and human models. Much goes into being a successful gem tech, so you’ll learn the business side and the practical application. You’ll receive supplies including adhesive and gems for your first 30 clients ($2k in profit) and learn how to apply quality gems that are strong and last. 

Group 123

Daela Lifetime Support

Guidance and continued online training login for continued education! 

Starting your own business? We believe in setting our trainees up for success. 

Reach out to us via phone or email and get the help you need to set up your business.


Upcoming In-Person Teeth Whitening & Gem Courses

Purchase Online Training a la Carte

You may purchase our online Teeth Whitening & Gem Training a-la-carte. The course is full of theory, technique, tips & tricks as well as social media marketing information. The online course price of $785 will be applied to a future in-person training if you so choose.

Training FAQs

We require a $1000 deposit for a course. Upon receipt of the deposit, you are given instant access to the online training portion of the class. Because the deposit grants you access to the online training, it is not refundable. However, you can re-schedule for a future training!

You will need to learn the rules in your state for Teeth Whitening and Gem application. We do not do state certification. Our courses do count as continued education.

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